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The Live S.T.E.M. Demo Program is a 45-minute live virtual demonstration with your choice of two of the STEM modules listed below. To book this 45-minute online virtual program, choose two modules, and click 'Request to Book' below.

We will contact you to confirm and process your reservation.


Your students will have a hair-raising experience as we compare static electricity to high-frequency alternating current.


Learn about heat, matter, and the fire triangle. Brace yourself for the flaming vortex and chemical cannon!


Now hear this! Students will find out how vibrations make sound, see how it moves, and hear a sonic boom!

Liquid Nitrogen

Witness a liquid that is 321 degrees below zero! Experience the astonishing results that liquid nitrogen can create. This module is a great companion to the combustion module.

Laws of Motion

Your students will be amazed by Newton’s Laws of Motion and how they apply to everyday life. Watch a tablecloth disappear and see the world’s fastest pencil.