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The Live Astronomy Programs are 45-minute live virtual demonstrations with your choice of one of the topics listed below. To book this 45-minute online virtual program, choose a topic, and click 'Request to Book' below.

We will contact you to confirm and process your reservation.

A Trip Across the

Solar System

Travel the Solar System to meet your planetary neighbors as you journey to exotic worlds and strange moons. NGSS: ESS1.A/B

The Sky Tonight

Introduces young astronomers to the night sky. Learn what causes day and night, and how to form the constellations. NGSS: ESS1.A/B

The Moon

A deeper look into our Earth’s next-door neighbor. Learn about moon phases, eclipses, the moon’s critical role in space exploration, and about the moons orbit around other planets in the solar system. NGSS: ESS1.A/B